WhatsApp上线支付服务了 巴西用户首先体验 该支付服务对消费者免费

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扎克伯格本人也没有否认。去年3月,他曾对科技媒体(The Information)创始人杰西卡·莱辛(Jessica Lessin)在2015年3月发表的文章《Facebook应该向微信学习什么》做出回应:“要是四年前听你的就好了。”

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said in April that the company was expanding tools for businesses in WhatsApp.

In March last year, Zuckerberg responded to Jessica Lessin, founder of tech media The Information, highlighting a March 2015 article she wrote that suggested Facebook should learn from WeChat: “If only I’d listened to your advice four years ago.”


据聚焦信息技术公司报道的新闻网站TechCrunch消息所知,经过几个月的讨论和测试,WhatsApp终于上线了支付服务Facebook Pay。

6月15日,WhatsApp宣布上线支付服务,巴西用户将能够首先体验Facebook Pay。WhatsApp在其博客文章中表示,该支付服务对消费者免费,不收取任何佣金,但企业用户需要支付3.99%的手续费来使用收付款服务。


The system will use Facebook Pay and be free to individual users, while charging businesses a fee for receiving payments.

Facebook's WhatsApp messaging service rolled out a system across Brazil on Monday that will allow users to send money to individuals or local businesses within a chat, attaching payments as they would a photo or video.





WhatsApp在印度市场测试的支付服务并不是Facebook Pay,而是另一套系统WhatsApp Pay。早在2018年2月,WhatsApp Pay已经开始了100万用户的测试,时间过去了两年,但该服务仍然搁浅。


WhatsApp is working with Cielo, Brazil's largest credit and debit card operator, to process the payments. The news sent Cielo's shares soaring 30 percent on a day when stocks worldwide, including in Brazil, were in red due to fears of a second wave of COVID-19.

WhatsApp tested the system in India beginning in 2018. The Brazil launch will be the first nationwide roll-out and will introduce the ability to directly pay a business.

The company has over 120 million individual users in Brazil, its second-largest market behind India.

Matt Idema

WhatsApp首席运营官马特•艾德马(Matt Idema)在谈到巴西时表示,“无论是个人还是小型企业, WhatsApp在巴西都被大量使用。我们认为,我们可以帮助巴西发展数字支付,帮助巴西小型企业发展数字经济,并支持普惠金融。”


他还表示,“如果你需要借钱给某人,或者你想从当地商家那里买东西,在疫情期间我们之间无法像往常那样进行互动。” WhatsApp支付服务在很大程度上有助于那些在新冠病毒大流行期间居家隔离的用户们。

"WhatsApp is heavily used there, both by people and small businesses," Matt Idema, chief operating officer of WhatsApp, said of Brazil. "We think we can help grow digital payments, help grow the digital economy with small businesses, and help support financial inclusion."

Many of Brazil's small businesses already use WhatsApp as a marketing tool to answer questions or send catalogs, Idema said.

The roll-out in Brazil was long planned, but may help users who are shut in during the coronavirus pandemic, Idema said.

"We can't have the kind of interactions with each other that we normally would, if you want to lend someone cash or if you want to buy something from a local business," he said.